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Poemas cortos para un pastor evangelico

A new breed of executive team coaching through volunteering projects

In the current economic climate, the demand for more ethical and socially responsible business practices is increasing. Corporations can benefit in multiple ways by focusing on longer-term perspective, not only on short-term profits.

Our coaching program takes top executives through a unique personal experience that fosters personal growth and encourages volunteering, social and environmental responsibility throughout your business.

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Poemas cortos para un pastor evangelico

The backbone of our coaching program is a social or environmental project chosen by your team. During an average of 6 months the team collaborates on funding, planning, recruitment of volunteers and execution of the project.

Poemas cortos para un pastor evangelico

To provide a healthy atmosphere of collaboration among the participants, most of our projects require the help of a team of volunteers. This team has to be recruited and motivated by your executives.

Poemas cortos para un pastor evangelico

Projects are selected based on the suggestions of the participants, in line with your company's Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental policies.

Poemas cortos para un pastor evangelico

Positive impact on your work culture

The search for volunteers, sponsorship and the long term nature of our projects ensure internal and external visibility of the continued team efforts towards a good cause.

Stronger teams

Working in new roles, getting out of the comfort zones and working towards a common goal will take your team to a whole new level.

Development of new skills

Thanks to the individual roles in the project, new skills are developed through continuous practice. Additional personal coaching can be provided on-demand for specific development areas.

Discovering creativity and inspiration

Working towards a common goal with no individual agendas provides the opportunity to explore the creativity and inspirational capabilities of the participants.

Empathy and respect

Due to the role swapping methodology, participants have the chance to better understand the difficulties of their colleague's roles and develop higher levels of respect and empathy for each other.

Trust and communication

The altruistic environment provides a healthy atmosphere of collaboration among the participants that permeates to their daily jobs.

Corporate social and environmental responsibility

Our projects are aimed at bridging the gap between your business and the society in which it operates.

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Poemas cortos para un pastor evangelico

Here are some examples of what can be accomplished with a good dose of inspiration and perseverance

Organize a skydiving day for 15 blind people

For 5 years Flying blind has been running as a project with a total of more than 60 blind flyers. Our flyers are taken through a full day of adventure, including a plane ride and a tandem skydive!

Repair a road in South America

Many roads need repairs, but when it is a road that connects a small village in the mountains to the nearest school, priorities shift. From selection of vendors to managing logistics. This is a good project for teams of 10 executives and 20 volunteers.

Plant trees

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As simple as selecting an NGO to work with, setting up the area to work in, selecting the type and amount of trees, and planting them. This type of project is ideal for smaller teams of 2-5 participants and 5 volunteers.

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“Participating in an SBL project has changed the way I work with my colleagues as well as the way I see collaborative work. ”

Jose Barta, Training development manager at DHL